On this site you can see a selected range of work we've done for different clients. Press on the pictures to see the full campaign.


Through the power of the skating community and Instagram we got the danish politicians attention.


Trump or False
Personal project

We made people realize how many crazy things Donald Trump has said. Unfortunately he still won. 


Happy Sizes
Coca Cola

By changing the shape of a soda bottle, we challenged modern body images.


'Go number one' for your neighborhood

By making it easier to pee during Culture night in Copenhagen we found the most ecological neighborhood. 

Church of adam&eveDDB
Personal Project

We created a religion that praised and worshipped the work of an advertising agency.


Airpumped Paper
Brand Creation

By using an existing air-pumping technique we made it possible to make toilet paper what was both eco friendly and soft.

Invite to Unite

Through a simple invite we broke down barriers between countries in political conflict. You're welcome citizens of Ukraine and Russia.


Party for a Party

Birmingham has been named UK's most boring city. We changed that by creating a crowdfunded party with everything you could possible imagine.